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  • Gabrielle – East Falmouth: The guys were awesome and they were very polite and cleaned up everything. They fixed my lock on the back door which I have not been able to lock since I got robbed over a year ago and then one of them put a new lock on the basement door as well! They went out of their way to help me and I greatly appreciate that. Many thanks again for the great service, and the replacement lightbulbs too!
  • John – Barnstable: We were very pleased with the service provided by Cape Save, Inc. Your workforce was efficient, effective, very considerate of the homeowner's needs, and continually maintained excellent communication. It was a job well done, and I would be willing to provide a Cape Save recommendation if you ever need one.
  • Vince – Eastham: A couple months ago it was recommended to me that I contact Cape Save to have an energy audit done on my home in Eastham. This was done by their auditor in a timely and very thorough manner. He was everywhere! At the end of the audit we sat down and discussed everything from lightbulbs to insulation to air loss to the remedy for it all. I was a bit suspect, knowing that this seemed too good to be true, but was willing to go for it. A few weeks later, I was contacted by one of their production managers and asked if he could come out and do a walkthrough to assure that all necessary materials were available on site when the work started. He did an exceptional job of calculating the needs as well as educating me on the activities that were going to take place and why. Knowledgeable, Professional, and Personable! When the Cape Save truck pulled into my driveway, I had the privilege of meeting the crew chief who was going to be responsible for completing all the work described in the proposal. His professional approach to the entire process was most impressive. Well educated, well organized, and well equipped, he never missed a beat. He and the crew charged ahead into tough spots and tiny spaces with no standing room. Late that afternoon they had the finish line in sight. Work done, systems checked, customer informed, and the final cleanup completed. With a job very well done, the crew left with the same smile and positive attitude that was evident throughout the process. I would be remiss if I didn't wake a moment to reinforce my very positive experience with the company. The labor and materials certainly were important but in my mind secondary to the outstanding work force that made it all happen. These gentlemen represented the company with integrity, knowledge, high standards, and a level of customer interaction rarely found in this day and age. Cape Save has the foundation to do big things. If the situation presents itself where a customer may be “on the fence” about the program, I would be happy to chat with them and hopefully eliminate some of their concerns.
  • David – Harwich: The crew that did the work at my home were extremely professional and managed, even while pushing forward always, to be educational on what they were doing. Their manner was unfailingly cheerful and positive, and their work habits were superb. Their protection of their surroundings and clean up upon completion and at intervals during the work was exemplary. Likewise, our energy auditor during the process was thoroughly professional and instructive. Cape Save has assembled a great team.
  • Suzan & John – Hyannis: We are pleased and grateful to have received the benefits of the Cape Save program. Our home was badly in need of the energy saving measures that they provided. We thank all those who had a part in making it happen. We were equally pleased with the pleasant attitudes and expertise of the men who actually did the work. What a great bunch of guys! They worked diligently even through rain and snow and cold! And it was obvious they knew exactly what to do. We were glad to keep the coffee pot hot! It's a pleasure to recommend this program to other homeowners and we are thankful for what we are sure will be a generous savings in our future heating costs.